The Maria-Mercè Marçal Foundation was created to honour, study and disseminate the work and figure of Maria-Mercè Marçal. It also aspires to become a cultural space guided by the perspectives from which Maria-Mercè Marçal built her literary career and life.


Given her close relationship and collaboration with the other arts, the Foundation aims to support and promote literary and artistic creation, as well as interaction between the different arts. The Foundation’s artistic image, created by artist Eulàlia Valldosera and based on Marçal’s writing and poems, is the most visible sign of its commitment in this area.


As Maria-Mercè Marçal dedicated most of her work and thoughts to finding the words to express women’s experience and their place in society, the Foundation strives to place the emphasis on women’s authority, while remaining open to all.


One of the main characteristics of Marçal’s poetry is the fusion between literary tradition and popular culture. For this reason, the Foundation promotes activities that connect these two elements.


Maria-Mercè Marçal’s contribution to enriching Catalan language and culture is irrefutable. Through collaborations with publishers and awards committees and relationships with the literary worlds of Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Northern Catalonia, she has highlighted the importance of defending the Catalan language. The Foundation is committed to taking on this defence in all of its activities.


The radical nature of Maria-Mercè Marçal’s poetic and narrative work also shines through in her political stance (progressive, left-wing) and in her cultural and social reflections, always made through independent thought. This is why the Maria-Mercè Marçal Foundation promotes study and organises activities that encourage reflection.


These are the pillars that guide the Foundation’s activities.

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